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My Review of Param Food Complex Gwalior
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Param Food Complex is a pure vegetarian family restaurant in Gwalior city Madhya Pradesh. When I was in college I often visited this restaurant with my friends as it is situated near Jiwaji University Gwalior. We used to give treats to each other in Param Food Complex on special occasions. It is one of the best places in Gwalior for birthday party celebrations.

Param Food Complex is one of the best modern cafe-restaurant near Jiwaji University. Every day many college students, friends, young couples, and families visit Param to have delicious Indian vegetarian dishes. A few days back I visited Param Food Complex after a couple of years. And in this article, I am going to tell you about my experience at the restaurant.

For now Param Food Complex has two outlets in Gwalior city and both the outlets are very popular among the Gwaliorites. Following are the addresses of both the outlets of Param –

Param Food Complex City Center Outlet Address: Millennium Plaza, University Road, Govindpuri, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

Param Food Complex Padav Outlet Address: Near Scindia Kanya Vidhyalay, Moti Mahal Road, Padav, Basant Vihar Colony, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

param food complex gwalior

My Experience At Param Food Complex Gwalior

Recently I visited Param restaurant’s City Center outlet after almost 2 years with one of my college friends to relive the old memories. The interior was quite the same as before. We sit and order two hot coffees, knowing that Param is not the best place to have coffee or tea in Gwalior city. We both are not hungry, we only came here to sit and talk some life shit.

I saw the menu and found some new dishes have been added to it. Earlier, there were only Indian dishes on the menu, but now there are Italian and some other famous dishes mentioned. Cookies, cakes, pastries, and all their sweets are so tasty and mouth-watering. All the staff/ waiters are well dressed but not well behaved.

The prices are so high in comparison to the old prices. Also, the quality of food (coffee) is degraded. The place has a calming environment and a good space for sitting and eating. This Param outlet has decent space for car and bike parking, unlike the Padav (Phoolbagh) outlet.

Things I like about Param Food Complex Gwalior

Following are the few things that I had liked and appreciated about Param Food Complex City Center Outlet –

  • Great location.
  • Free and decent parking area.
  • Big Space for sitting and eating.
  • Varieties of eatables/ Large menu.

Things I do not like about Param Food Complex Gwalior

Following are the few things that I had not liked and appreciated about Param Food Complex City Center Outlet –

  • Service/ Staff behavior.
  • Little crowdy.
  • Pricing is high compared to before.

This is my overall experience at Param Food Complex City Center outlet Gwalior. To know more about the restaurant connect with me in the comment section below.

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