Machkund Dholpur Rajasthan – How to Reach & History

Recently I visited an ancient pilgrimage place in Dholpur city of Rajasthan which is Machkund. Machkund is a historical and holy place in Dholpur. I never heard anything about Machkund until one of my friends told me and advised me to visit the place once. He described Machkund as beautiful, peaceful, and a hidden gem of a place to visit in Dholpur.

Machkund is famously known as the nephew of all pilgrimage places in India. It is also popularly called Teerthraj Machkund. Teerthraj means king of all pilgrimage places. There is a big and peaceful kund/ pond/ lake surrounded by a series of temples of different dates. On my visit to Machkund in Dholpur, I found that it is an atmospheric site that commands a scenic view.

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machkund dham

History of Pilgrimage Site Machkund Dholpur

It is believed that the place is named after Raja Machchh. Raja Machchh is the 24th king of the Suryavanshi Dynasty and he is said to have reigned nineteen generations before Lord Ram. There is a very interesting story behind the inception of Teerthraj Machkund in Dholpur. According to legend, way back in the mythological period, the demon called Kaal Yamaan while pursuing Lord Krishna unknowingly woke up the Raja Machchh who was sleeping at this place. To disturb his sleep, Raja Machchh burnt the demon Kaal Yamaan at this exact place. Due to the divine gift from the Lord, the king has the power to destroy any person.

Teerthraj Machkund is an ancient holy establishment that is believed to have been constructed many years ago. It is significantly surrounded by small to medium size temples built from BC 775 to BC 915. These temples were constructed by numerous kings who ruled over this place during that phase of time. This lake is reckoned sacred by Hinduism and it is a firm belief that tanks are very pious for people taking a plunge in its water.

machkund temple

How to Reach Teerthraj Machkund Dholpur Rajasthan

Machkund Dham is situated near Dholpur city at a distance of approx 4 km. Local transport like auto-rickshaws and cabs are easily available to reach the Machkund Dham. Reaching Machkund is very easy as it is well connected to Dholpur city via a dedicated road to the pilgrimage site. And, Dholpur is well connected to the other neighboring cities by rail and road means of transport.

Complete Address of Machkund: Gwalior-Agra Highway, Machkund Rd, Narayan Colony, Dholpur, Rajasthan.

Following are the approximate travel distance of Machkund Dham Dholpur from some of the neighboring locations-

Machkund travel distance from Delhi is around 300 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Mathura is around 130 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Agra is around 62 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Morena is around 31 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Bhind is around 135 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Gwalior is around 70 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Jhansi is around 170 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Orchha is around 200 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Shivpuri is around 190 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Bina is around 350 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Bhopal is around 500 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Indore is around 600 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Ujjain is around 550 KMs.
Machkund travel distance from Jabalpur is around 540 KMs.

teerthraj machkund

My Travel Experience of My Visit To Machkund

I went to Machkund from Gwalior and my trip was so amazing and fun. I found the Machkund Dham too peaceful and amazing because of its story, architecture, and history. Machkund is a beautiful tourist spot but it is hardly advertised. By interacting with the locals I got to know that Machkund is also known as Mini Pushkar here.

In the evening, there happens a fountain and light show on the pond with the help of boats. The main building of Machkund Dham seems to be maintained fine. It can be a great picnic spot for the locals. A must-visit place in Dholpur, especially in the evening during sunset, you will get a wonderful experience for life. There is also a Gurudwara situated near the Machkund Dham.

machkund lake dholpur

Overall, Machkund is a historical and pilgrimage place with beautiful building architecture and a peaceful lake surrounded by ancient temples. It is no doubt a must-visit place in Dholpur Rajasthan. Here I am also leaving a short video I made on my visit to Machkund Dham. Watch this video for a better understanding of the place and also the video offers some more information about Machkund’s history as well as its present.

This is my overall travel experience of my trip to Machkund Dham in Dholpur Rajasthan. I hope this article helps you to know the place better. For any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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