My Experience At INOX Movie Theater DB Mall Gwalior

INOX Movie Theater DB Mall Gwalior
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A few days back, I decided to watch a movie in a theatre in Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. I searched for the best movie theatre in Gwalior to watch movies and got confused between Fun Cinemas and INOX Movies.

Fun & INOX are two of the prominent movie multiplexes in Gwalior city. INOX Movies is located near to my home as compared to the Fun Cinemas so I decided to go to the INOX theatre to watch a movie.

INOX Movies is an Indian movie theater chain founded in the year 1999 in Maharastra, India. It is one of India’s largest cinema chains with more than 160 multiplexes and approx 700 screens in 70+ cities of the country.

In Gwalior, the INOX has a luxury multiplex with 6 screens. Here is my detailed review of the INOX movie multiplex Gwalior. My experience at INOX Cinemas DB Mall Gwalior.

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My Review of INOX Movie Theater DB Mall Gwalior MP

I went to INOX to watch the newly released Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, I didn’t book tickets online to avoid the internet handling charges. I went to DB Mall and on the second floor of the mall, the INOX multiplex is situated. I went to the ticket counter and bought a movie ticket for the upcoming show of the movie Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

inox tickets counter

The show was houseful but there were no long waiting lines at the ticket counter because most of the moviegoers booked the tickets online. There is also a ‘Fast Ticket’ window near the ticket counter where one can book tickets online by themself. Isn’t it a great facility?

inox db mall gwalior

Although the COVID-19 precautions have been lifted, all the INOX staff were wearing face masks and gloves to ensure the safety of themselves and of others coming to watch movies. Safe and fast entry in the multiplex with almost zero physical contact is a plus point.

Now, if we talk about the architecture & design of the INOX then with the no-argument it is simply world-class. It is the most luxurious movie theater in Gwalior city. The interiors and especially the lighting inside the multiplex are beautiful. You will definitely find people taking pictures or making Instagram reels in the INOX corridor.

The concession stands in the INOX multiplex provide a large variety of fast foods, snacks, and drinks. There you will find multiple junk food counters and also you can order online through the INOX mobile app or simply with the ‘Fast Bites’ window located near the concession stands.

inox movie hall gwalior

The auditorium or the movie hall is beautifully designed to provide a lifetime of movie experience to each and every one sitting in the theater. The seats are very comfortable and in some of the auditoriums, one can also get Royal Recliner seats. Royal Recliner seats are more comfortable and adjustable.

How to Reach INOX Movies DB Mall Gwalior

INOX Movies Theater in Gwalior city is situated at a very prime location. One can easily get to the INOX as it is located in the DB Mall in Gwalior.

INOX Movies Complete Address: INOX Leisure Ltd., 2nd Floor, DB Mall, Racecourse Road, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

It is very easy to reach INOX Movies because it is situated on the second floor of DB Mall Gwalior, and DB Mall is situated near Gwalior city’s main railway station. DB Mall lies between the railway station and the bus stand of Gwalior.

My experience with the INOX Movies was very good and I enjoyed the movie so much. The one thing I hated was the over-high pricing of the fast & junk foods in the concession stands. I paid more than INR 100 just for a water bottle. But the over-high pricing is normal in almost every multiplex in the country. Other than this, it was really a great experience and I will definitely consider to going INOX Movies again very soon.

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