Bhadawana Waterfall – A Hidden Gem Of A Place Near Gwalior City

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By Subham Sharma

A few days before I went to visit Bhadawana Waterfall situated near Gwalior city of Madhya Pradesh. I have been living in Gwalior since childhood but never heard about Bhadawana. One day my friend told me about Bhadawana Waterfall and since then I wanted to visit this place.

Soon after I get the opportunity to visit this hidden place near Gwalior. Not so many people know about this place, that’s why I am writing this article to let the people know about this hidden tourist place near Gwalior city.

Bhadawana Waterfall is an awesome tourist attraction situated around 30 kilometers from Gwalior city. It is one of the best romantic places to visit in Gwalior. In this article, you will find the tour details, travel guide, history, and my trip experience at Bhadawana Waterfall.

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Bhadawana Waterfall Trip Experience & History

Bhadawana Waterfall is truly a hidden gem of a place near Gwalior city. But one should only visit this place during the monsoon season. My friend told me that this place was the adobe of a saint who did meditation there for several years. However, there is no such significance available at the site.

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There is an old Shiv Temple situated on a hilltop just near the waterfall. I found many people offering prayers at the temple. I visited Bhadawana during the summer season and found no water there. The Bhadawana Dham is situated in the forest area, I saw scorpions, snakes, and many other kinds of deadly reptiles there.

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Bhadawana Waterfall is a good place to visit with friends, especially for boys. If you are visiting with girls and ladies then make sure to leave the place before sunset. Bhadawana Waterfall is situated on the outskirts of the city and it is not a very safe place to visit. Mobile coverage is very low at Bhadawana, you will hardly get any signal here.

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Bhadawana Waterfall is not a kid-friendly place, so if you are traveling with kids then take good care of them. A little mistake at Bhadawana can cause big trouble for you. Overall, Bhadawana Dham is a great weekend destination near Gwalior city to visit with friends and family.

How To Reach Bhadawana Waterfall Near Gwalior

Are you looking to visit the Bhadawana Waterfall near Gwalior and not sure about the best way to reach the place? Here I am providing you with a complete travel guide on how to reach Bhadawana Waterfall.

Bhadawana Waterfall Address: Behat Road, Jinsikhan, Bhadawana Temple Road, Madhya Pradesh 475002

It is not very difficult to reach Bhadawana Waterfall from Gwalior city because the waterfall is now well connected to Gwalior city via Behat road. Now suppose that you are at Gwalior railway station and you want to go to Bhadawana Waterfall then here is the best way to reach the destination-

From the Gwalior railway station, one can easily book a cab or auto to go anywhere near Gwalior. Firstly one should go to the Morar area, which is around 7 kilometers from the Gwalior railway station.

Now take the Behat road from the bypass and go continuously till you reach village Utila, which is around 14 kilometers from Morar.

From Utila, take the right turn on the Bhadawana Jinsikhan Road and go for more 5 kilometers, this road will take you to the Bhadawana Waterfall.

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Below is the approximate travel distance of Bhadawana Waterfall from some of the neighboring locations of Gwalior-

Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Morena is around 80 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Tighra Dam is around 50 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Pagara Dam is around 70 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Bhind is around 100 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Malanpur is around 50 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Gohad is around 70 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Datia is around 80 km.
Bhadawana Waterfall’s travel distance from Dabra is around 55 km.

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