My Trip to Kakanmath Temple Morena – History & Travel Guide

Kakanmath Temple is an ancient 11th-century Shiv Mandir situated in Morena district near Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh, India. Do you want to visit Kakanmath Shiv Temple with your family and friends but are not sure about how to reach the temple? In this article, I am going to tell you the best way to reach Kakanmath Mandir in Morena from Gwalior city.

There is a myth about the Kakanmath Mandir that ghosts built this Shiv Temple only in one night. That is why the Kakanmath temple is also known as the Temple of Ghosts. Kakanmath Temple Morena is one of the 40 Amazing Places To Visit Near Gwalior Madhya Pradesh.

In this post, you will get to know about the history, facts, and all the important information related to the Kakanmath temple in Morena near Gwalior city. Moreover, I will also provide you with a complete travel guide on how to reach the Kakanmath temple in Madhya Pradesh.

My Trip to Kakanmath Shiv Temple From Gwalior City

I went to Morena from Gwalior city to visit this heritage temple with one of my friends. We went to the Kakanmath temple via the Gwalior-Gohad-Morena route on a bike. My road trip to Kakanmath Temple from Gwalior was pretty good enough to share with you all.

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On my way to the Kakanmath temple, my friend told me an interesting story about the construction of the Kakanmath temple. I found the story funny or some kind of myth but he was so sure about it. Here is what he said to me –

As Lord Shiva is the God of ghosts too, the ghosts built Kakanmath Shiv Temple only in one night. Ghosts took off in the morning when they saw humans, which is why the temple remains incomplete to this date. He also said that the temple will automatically crumble down on the day when the marriage procession of 7 deaf grooms will be taken out in front of the temple at the same time.

After reaching the site I got to know that the Kakanmath temple is famously known as The Temple of Ghosts. On seeing it carefully I also notice that the structure of the temple resembles a lion sitting near a throne. The temple is very unique because there is no cement or adhesive was used to construct it.

Stones on the stones are kept in such a manner that there is a balance between them and it looks like they will fall but it is enacted till now. The 100 ft high and heavily carved stone temple looks fragile but has survived nearly 1000 years.

Watch this video to have a virtual tour of the Kakanmath temple in Morena-

The temple is built on a spacious platform and in plan consists of a sanctum, with a large pillared hall in front from which projects a graceful Mukhmandapa, approached by a flight of steps. A Shivlinga installed in the sanctum is the main deity of the temple.

The lofty shikhara over the shrine is about 100ft high which is now in dilapidated condition and is shorn of most of its veneering stones. This damage probably happened during an earthquake. Only the main and original part of the Kakanmath Shiv temple now survives.

Originally the temple was surrounded by a number of subsidiary shrines of which only the traces can be noticed. The steps at the entrance had two large lion statues, which are now located at the entrance of the Archaeological Museum, Gwalior. Many other sculptures have also been taken to Gwalior.


Kakanmath Temple Complete History

Now let me tell you the history of this heritage temple. The Shiv Temple Kakanmath is a magnificent edifice and is remarkable for its sculptural wealth. It is believed that the temple owes its name to Kakanvati, who was probably the queen of Kachchhapghat ruler Kirttiraja.

And at her orders, this temple was constructed in about the 11th century A.D. But the historicity of this heritage 1000+ years old temple is doubtful. One possibility is that the name of the temple derives from the Kanak (gold) and Maṭha (shrine).

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How To Reach Kakanmath Shiv Temple From Gwalior

Now I am going to tell you the best way to reach the Kakanmath Mandir in Morena from Gwalior city. Below is the complete address of Kakanmath temple –

Kakanmath Temple Address: Village – Bawadipura Sihoniya, Post – Sabalgarh, District – Morena, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Kakanmath temple is situated in the Chambal division of Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior is the main and big city near Kakanmath temple. Gwalior Railway Station is one of the biggest Railway stations in the Chambal division. Almost every train coming on this route has a halt at the Gwalior Railway station.

The distance between Kakanmath Temple Morena and Gwalior railway station is around 56 KMs.
The approximate travel time from Gwalior railway station to Kakanmath temple Morena is 1 hr.

If you are going by your own vehicle then the best way to reach Kakanmath temple from Gwalior city is to go via the Gwalior-Gohad-Morena route. First took the Gwalior-Bhind National Highway (NH-92) to the Gohad, and from Gohad took the Sihoniya-Bawadipura village road.

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How To Reach Kakanmath Temple From Morena

The distance between Kakanmath Temple and Morena railway station is around 30 KMs.
The approximate travel time from Morena railway station to Kakanmath temple is 30 minutes.

From Morena Railway station you can simply book a cab or auto to the Kakanmath temple. The travel fair will be around 4o to 70 rupees. If you are coming in your own vehicle then it will be more suitable for you as there is a lack of good public transport in the area. It is very easy to reach Kakanmath temple as there are various signboards indicating you towards the temple.

If you want to have a virtual tour of the way to Kakanmath from Gwalior city via the Gwalior-Gohad-Morena route then watch this video –

I found the Kakanmath temple so amazing because of its construction story, architecture, and history. It is a must-visit heritage site in Morena Madhya Pradesh near Gwalior city. Do not forget to share your thoughts and queries in the comment section below.

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