My Experience At Domino’s Pizza Pinto Park Outlet Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

Domino's Pizza Pinto Park Outlet Gwalior
  • Location
  • Taste
  • Service
  • Cleanliness
  • Restaurant Space

Domino’s is undoubtedly one of the best pizza makers in the world. And in India, Domino’s pizza is considered the best pizza in the country. Domino’s has nearly 1500 outlets in India which makes it the largest pizza chain in the country.

A few months back Domino’s had opened a new pizza outlet in my city, which is Gwalior. It is Domino’s 4th outlet in Gwalior city. The location of this outlet is near to my house and recently I walk in there to have my favorite Pacific Veggie pizza.

dominos outlet dd nagar gwalior

Complete Address of Domino’s Pizza Pinto Park Outlet: Abhilasha Bhawan, NH-92, Pinto Park, Airport Road, Near DD Nagar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

My Experience At Domino’s Pizza Pinto Park Outlet Gwalior MP

Here is my detailed review of Domino’s Pizza Bhind Road outlet –

I am not a die-hard pizza lover but as I got to know that Domino’s has opened a new outlet near my home I can’t stop myself to go there and have a pizza with one of my friends. The location of this outlet is so prime as it is situated on Gwalior-Bhind National Highway. Gwalior airport is just 2 KMs away and DD Nagar is 500m from this outlet of Domino’s Pizza.

dominos pizza gwalior

The outlet has a great space for bike or car parking. And as I entered the restaurant, I got the same old warm smell of Domino’s pizza. Also, the place has a decent space for sitting and eating. I went there quite late in the evening so I found no customer there other than me and my friend.

I ordered a large pacific veggie pizza and within no time I got my order. And as always the taste is the same as any other domino’s pizza store in the country. The one thing I notice about Domino’s pizza is that they follow all the essential and necessary guidelines of the government regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

dominos airport road gwalior

They claim that every Domino’s pizza is untouched and safe. Also, most of the staff at Domino’s Gwalior is fully vaccinated and they follow all the necessary precautions to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. And the sitting area is sanitized continuously by the Domino’s staff.

Things I Like About Domino’s Pinto Park/ DD Nagar Outlet

Following are the few things that I had liked and appreciated about Domino’s 4th outlet in Gwalior city on Bhind road –

  • Its location.
  • Free & large parking area.
  • Taste.
  • Service.

Things I do not like about Domino’s Pinto Park Outlet

Following are the few things that I do not like about Domino’s Pinto Park/ DD Nagar, Airport Road cafe –

  • Space is on the low side.
  • Average interior design.
  • Pricing is a bit high.

This is my overall experience at the Domino’s Pinto Park outlet. And I recommend you all to visit the place to have your favorite pizza here. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below after visiting this outlet of Domino’s in Gwalior city.

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