Essential Things You Must Carry While Traveling in Covid-19

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By Subham Sharma

The world is not as, as it was before. And in this changing time, traveling is not as normal as it used to be. Before Covid-19, traveling was a fun and amusing thing to do but now, with Covid-19, traveling is one of the most dangerous and risky things to do.

In India, the government put various restrictions on traveling and we too should avoid unnecessary outdoor trips but sometimes it becomes necessary to go out and travel.

So if you have to go outdoors even if it is a small visit to a nearby market or go to a different city, you must have to be very careful and conscious about the precautions. There are certain essential things that you must carry while traveling in Covid-19 situations in order to ensure your safety and those of others around you.

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Here are all the essential things that are very important while traveling in Covid-19 situations.

Double Face Masks

Yes, as the coronavirus’s second mutant is spreading all over India, wearing double/ two face masks during outdoor travel is a must. Wearing a single mask is no more a guarantee of safety because the coronavirus is spreading at light speed.

Wearing two face masks is the most important precaution because your mask not only protects you, it also helps protect those around you. Your face mask is a simple barrier to help prevent your respiratory droplets from reaching others and also prevent others’ droplets from reaching you.

Hand Sanitizer

After the face mask, hand sanitizer is the second most important thing you must have while traveling outdoors during the covid-19 pandemic. Alcohol-based hand sanitizer acts more quickly to kill microorganisms on the hands, it reduces bacterial counts on the hands.

Hand Gloves

Wearing hand gloves can offer additional protection to your hands from catching germs and bacteria. While traveling your hands occasionally might come in contact with different surfaces and this is where your hand gloves will protect you.

Face Shield

Face Shields are the new normal that people wear for better protection against Covid-19. Face Shield protects your eyes as well as nose and mouth from unwanted bacteria and coronavirus. It covers your full face from the forehead to the chin. Face Shield is one of the most essential things to carry while traveling during Covid-19.

Home Cooked Food

If you are going out for a whole day then carry home-cooked food with you as a mandatory thing. It’s not safe to eat outside food because it might not be possible to check for the quality and safety of outside food. So you must carry your own homemade food or snacks to eat whenever you feel hungry.

Own Water Bottel

Along with the homemade food, make sure to carry your own water bottle to ensure the utmost protection and avoid any unnecessary danger.

Spray Sanitizer

Spray Sanitizer is used to kill the virus of a particular place or thing you are going to touch like an ATM machine or a public vehicle seat. Spray Sanitizer is a very essential thing to carry while traveling during the coronavirus pandemic.

Social Distancing

The virus that causes Covid-19 spreads easily through physical contact from person to person. That’s why social distancing is crucial for preventing the spread of novel coronavirus. If you are going outdoors then it is very necessary to keep a distance of at least 1m from the others.

Aarogya Setu App

If you are traveling in India during the coronavirus pandemic then it is very important to have the Aarogya Setu Mobile App on your smartphone. It is an essential health services app developed by the Government of India in the fight against coronavirus.

aarogya setu app travel

That’s it guys, the above are the most essential and important things to carry while traveling during this coronavirus pandemic. But please stay in your home and don’t go outdoors until it is really very important. Stay safe and stay healthy guys.

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