Latest Corona Virus International Travel Ban Updates of November 2021

Being a traveler is not fun since the coronavirus hits human life. You have to regularly check the travel guidelines and be updated with the various restrictions of the respected country or place. If you are an Indian and looking for some foreign destinations to visit then there are some countries that have recently removed the travel ban from Indian travelers but with some restrictions.

Here are the latest travel guidelines and International travel ban updates for the month of November 2021. Recently America lifted the ban on Indian travelers visiting the country. And now Seychelles and some European countries have also lifted the ban on Indian tourists. But there are some important travel rules and guidelines that every traveler must follow.

Important Covid-19 International Travel Updates – November 2021

Following are some of the latest and most important international travel updates especially for Indian travelers.

1. Seychelles Islands is now open for all international tourists including India.

Ministry of Health & Tourism of the Republic of Seychelles has issued a notification and travel advisory that says, Seychelles Islands are now open for tourism from every country including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Brazil. The government of Seychelles has various conditions of entry and stay in the country that every tourist must know.

All travelers should know all the Covid-19 rules and regulations of the Seychelles Islands and they are required to provide a negative NT-PCR test report on their arrival at the airport. To know more about the Seychelles travel and stay rules read the latest travel advisory issued by the Seychelles Islands authorities.

2. Four European Countries Where Indians Can Travel Right Now

As India completes 100 crore doses of the Coronavirus vaccine and 85% of Indians have received the at least first dose of the vaccine, the major European countries have started tourism to and from India. However, there are still some guidelines to follow and restrictions due to Covid-19.

The European countries where Indian travelers can travel now are – France, Germany, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom (UK).

The Indian Government has created an air bubble arrangement with all these four countries. All the tourists coming from any of these countries to India or going to any of these countries from India must follow all the mandatory rules and guidelines, which are still in place due to Covid-19.

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