Top 10 Romantic Places to Visit in Dubai For Couples

Dubai is one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. There are many romantic places to visit in Dubai for couples. It is a popular honeymoon destination among newly married couples from around the globe.

Dubai is the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is known for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and a lively nightlife scene.

The city of Dubai has many romantic spots to visit. If you are looking for the most romantic places to visit in Dubai for couples then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I will tell you about the beautiful places for couples to visit in Dubai, the best private places for couples in Dubai, romantic couple-friendly spots in Dubai, couple parks/gardens in Dubai, and popular kissing spots in Dubai.

10 Best Places For Couples to Visit in Dubai

Following are the top 10 best & most romantic places in Dubai that every couple must visit once in this lifetime-

1. Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah Beach is a beautiful white-sand beach in Dubai. It is a famous couple spot in Dubai that offers scenic views. Jumeirah Beach is a public beach with no entry ticket or fees. It is one of the most popular tourist places to visit in Dubai.

It is located in the Jumeirah district of Dubai on the coast of the Persian Gulf. Many luxury hotels near Jumeirah Beach offer romantic vacations in Dubai to couples with beautiful sea views.

2. Dubai’s New Hindu Temple

If you are an Indian or Hindu looking for the best place to visit in Dubai with your love partner then Dubai’s newly constructed Hindu Temple is the perfect place for you to visit. It is a grand Hindu temple spread over a huge 70,000 sq ft area.

The temple blends beautiful Indian and Arabic architectural designs and is placed in Jebel Ali Village of Dubai. It is a must-visit place in Dubai for every Indian couple.

3. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world and it is the most popular tourist landmark of Dubai. It is a great place for couples to visit in Dubai. Couples around the world visit Burj Khalifa and click several romantic pictures.

One can also go inside Burj Khalifa and visit the top floor of this skyscraper after paying the entry fee. Couples can enjoy a romantic lunch or dinner at Burj Khalifa. It is the most amazing place for couples to visit in Dubai.

4. Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo offers a memorable journey into ocean life. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums in the world. This amazing place is home to thousands of aquatic animals, comprising over 140 species.

If you and your partner want to experience something out of this world then Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo is the place you should visit. It is a crazy place for couples to visit in Dubai.

5. The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world. It is a one-stop destination for entertainment, shopping, dining, and more. It is believed to be the most visited retail and lifestyle destination in the world.

The Dubai Mall is situated at the heart of Downtown Dubai. It is a super-luxury property best for couples to have a romantic date in Dubai. In Dubai Mall, there are many private places for couples to spend some romantic time together.

6. Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai is an adventurous place with 22,500 square meters of indoor ski area. It is an indoor ski resort that maintains a temperature of -1 degrees to 2 degrees Celsius throughout the year.

Ski Dubai is one of the world’s largest indoor ski parks. It is located in the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai city. If you & your partner are adventure lovers then this place is the perfect gateway for you.

7. Dubai Desert Safari

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the most exciting & romantic things to do in Dubai for couples. The best time to go on Desert Safari in Dubai is in the evening time. Explore the Arabian Desert in a 4-wheel drive.

One can also try out other fun activities like camel riding, dune bashing, and henna painting. There are many trip planners in Dubai that offer various packages on Dubai Desert Safari.

8. The Dubai Fountain

The Dubai Fountain is a popular tourist attraction in Dubai and the world’s tallest performing fountain. It is an amazing & romantic place to visit in Dubai for couples to enjoy musical fountain shows.

It is a choreographed fountain system located on the 12-hectare artificial Burj Khalifa Lake, at the center of Downtown Dubai. There is no entry fee or ticket fee to visit the Dubai Fountain.

9. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is one of the best places for couples to visit in Dubai, UAE. It is one of Dubai’s most picturesque, sweet-scented, and romantic destinations for couples.

Dubai Miracle Garden occupies over 72,000 square meters. It is the world’s largest natural flower garden, featuring over 50 million flowers and 250 million plants.

10. Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark in Dubai is one of the world’s largest waterparks. It is the best waterpark in Dubai for couples. Couples can experience the most thrilling, record-breaking water rides here.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark holds the Guinness World Record for having the maximum number of waterslides in a waterpark. It is a must-visit place for every fun-loving couple in Dubai.

The above-mentioned are the top 10 best places for couples to visit in Dubai, UAE. For any queries, feel free to use the comment section below.

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