Ratangarh Mata Temple Datia MP – Complete History & Travel Guide

Last Monday I went to Ratangarh Mata Temple in Datia district from Gwalior city with one of my friends. I have never been to Ratangarh before but heard many awesome things about the place. It was my first trip to Ratangarh Temple and I am going to share everything about my journey with you.

Ratangarh Mata Temple is one of the 40 best places to visit near Gwalior. In this article, you will get to know about my trip experience of Ratangarh Mata Temple in Datia, the History of Ratangarh, and a complete travel guide on how to reach Ratangarh Mata Temple in the Datia district.

ratangarh mata temple datia

My Trip To Ratangarh Mata Mandir In Datia From Gwalior

I went to Ratangarh on a bike with my friend. We leave in the morning and the weather was perfect that day for a road trip. We were going slowly, enjoying the beautiful weather. The Ratangarh Mata Mandir is around 65 kilometers from Gwalior and it took us more than an hour to reach the temple.

The outskirts on the way to Ratangarh are so beautiful and mesmerizing. One can totally be lost in the beauty of nature on the way to Ratangarh. The temple is situated in a dense forest but now the road is in good condition. However, one must avoid going there at night because it is an out area with no lights and very weak mobile signals.

way to ratangarh temple daita

We stopped at many locations on our way to Ratangarh and clicked many pictures. Make sure to eat something before you leave home or your city because it is a forest area and will not get much of food shops on your way but yes there is a small market at Behat which is around 20 kilometers from the temple.

Every Monday thousands of devotees visit Ratangarh Mata temple to offer their prayers. A small fair is held on every Monday outside the temple premises. But every year during the Diwali festival on the Bhai Dooj a big fair is organized at the Ratangarh and a large number of devotees visit the temple on that day.

ratangarh temple mela

A complex for sanitation facilities is situated outside the temple premises for men and women. A police station is also situated near the temple dedicated only to the Ratangarh Mata temple. Life-size tiger and lion statues are popular attractions among devotees.

History of Ratangarh Mata Temple Datia Madhya Pradesh

The history of Ratangarh Temple is very old. Ratangarh is actually a name of a hill that is believed to be a fortress in ancient times. It is situated on the banks of the Sindh river in an extremely dense forest. It was home to many wild animals like tigers, lions, and leopards but for the past many years, the movement of such animals in the temple areas is very minimal.

For the last two decades, due to the terror of dacoits, people visiting here was reduced. But then the Ratangarh Wali Mata shows her miracle by giving dreams to all the dacoits and telling them to not hurt anyone visiting her temple. After then all the dacoits swear to not hurt anyone going on the road to Ratangarh temple but if someone goes off the road then the dacoits will rob that person.

ratangarh temple outskirts

There is a popular story about the origin of Ratangarh Wali Mata. It is said that the king of Ratangarh, Raja Ratan Singh has seven sons and one daughter. The daughter of Ratan Singh was very beautiful and the fame of her beauty was far & wide. Attracted by the fame of her beauty, Khilji ruler Alauddin Khilji attacked the Ratangarh and killed Raja Ratan Singh with all his sons.

On receiving the news of her father’s and brother’s death, the princess prayed to Mother Earth to give her a place in her lap. Just like the Goddess Sita did in the epic Ramayana, the princess got into the stones of the Ratangarh hill. The same princess is worshiped here as Ratangarh Wali Mata. Along with this, the younger brother of the princess whom she love the most, who was martyred in the war also worshiped here as Kunwar Baba.

Ratangarh Temple is a symbol of love between brother and sister, it is also famous as the temple of brother & sister. On the Bhai Dooj day during the Diwali festival, lakhs of devotees gathered here and offer prayers to the Ratangarh Mata and Kunwar Sahab Baba.

ratangarh mata mandir

According to the inscriptions found in the Ratangarh fort and temple, the guru of Maratha King Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Samarth Ramdas came here in the year 1666. He did spiritual practices in solitude for about 6 months to plan Shivaji’s rescue from Agra Fort. Shivaji’s cavalry commandos brought him to Ratangarh Mata Temple after the rescue as it was too dense of a jungle for the Mughal army to comb.

How To Reach Ratangarh Mata Temple In Datia MP

Are you looking for the best way to reach the Ratangarh Mata Temple in Datia Madhya Pradesh, then now I am going to provide you with a complete travel guide on how to reach Ratangarh Mata Temple in the Datia district.

Ratangarh Mata Mandir Address: 3JWF+CX6, Shri Ratangarh Mata Road, Pali, Datia, Madhya Pradesh 475682

If you are going to Ratangarh Mata Temple from Gwalior city then you should take the Behat road on the Gwalior-Seondha way. Firstly one should go to the Morar area, which is around 7 kilometers from the Gwalior railway station. Now took the Behat road (Gwalior-Seondha road) from the bypass and go continuously till you reach Gadroli-Rangawan village. Now turn right and go for a couple of more kilometers till you reach the temple.

  • Ratangarh Mata Temple travel distance from Gwalior is 65 kilometers.

The best way to reach Ratangarh Mata Temple from Datia city is to go via the Datia-Seondha road. After reaching Charokhra village (1 km before Bhagua Rampura village) turn left and go for a couple of more kilometers till you reach the temple.

  • Ratangarh Mata Temple travel distance from Datia is 60 kilometers.

Now below is the information on Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from some of the famous locations –

Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Morena is around 110 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Bhind is around 80 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Dholpur is around 135 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Jhansi is around 90 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Agra is around 190 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Mathura is around 250 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Etawah is around 120 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Jaipur is around 410 KMs.
Ratangarh Mata Temple’s travel distance from Shivpuri is around 175 KMs.

view from ratangarh temple datia

Ratangarh Mata Temple is a historical, religious, and beautiful place to visit in the Datia district of Madhya Pradesh. So, that’s it, this is my trip experience to the Ratangarh temple with a complete travel guide on how to reach the temple. If you have any queries related to the above article, then please share with us in the comment section below.

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