Are Fully Vaccinated People in India No Need To Wear Masks Outdoor?

Over the past few days, there is a news in the air that the fully vaccinated people in India no longer need to wear face masks outdoor to protect themselves from Covid-19. Is it true? Or it is just a piece of fake news from Whatsapp University? Let me unfold the truth behind this news.

Last month USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that fully vaccinated people in America are no longer required to wear masks. And so like this, the same news has been circulated in India for the past few days. But that’s completely fake and baseless news.

Covid-19 virus’s second wave has created havoc all over India. India is still in a war with coronavirus. Many Foreign Nations Have Banned Travel From India due to the high number of Covid-19 cases in the country. And in this difficult time, the news of the ‘Mask Free India’ is just foolish and baseless.

corona mask free india

Wearing a face mask while go-to outdoor is compulsory for everyone whether they are half vaccinated or fully vaccinated. No one is allowed to go outdoor in India without wearing a mask. Wearing a mask is mandatory in India. Besides wearing a mask you should take care of all the other Essential Things That You Must Carry While Going Outdoor in Covid-19.

Israel is one of the first countries that become ‘The Mask Free Nation’ in the world. Followed by the New Zealand and the USA. However, India has still a long way to become the Covid-19 Free Nation. But India or Indians never give up easily, so stay strong, and very soon we all will defeat this virus definitely.

Don’t believe such fake news and always wear a mask whenever you go outdoor. Wearing a face mask while going outdoor is mandatory for everyone in India whether they are fully vaccinated or not.

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