My Trip To Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar From Gwalior

Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar are the beautiful set of heritage structures dating back to the 8th-10th century, during the Gurjara-Pratihara dynasties. The marvels of Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar temples are situated in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh. Recently I visited Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar from Gwalior city with my friends.

I got to know about these heritage places a few months ago through my trip to the Shani temple in Shanichara, Morena. From the Shanichara there is a short route to the Bateshwar temples, and just a few kilometers from Bateshwar there lies Padavali fort, and a few kilometers from Padavali there lies the heritage Chausath Yogini Temple of Mitawali.

It is said that Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar made a golden triangle in which a university existed about 1000 years ago. The alleged teaching center was said to be a hub to provide education in Mathematics, Astrology, and Hinduism to the students with the help of sun rays.

A Trip To The Heritage Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar of Morena From Gwalior

So on new year’s eve of 2022, I and my friends decided to visit the marvels of Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar temples from the city of Gwalior. Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar are one of the 40 best places to visit near Gwalior city. We went through Gwalior to Shanichara route and the first destination we reached was Bateshwar’s group of temples.


Bateshwar is not just about one temple, there is a group of about 200 Hindu temples made of sandstone. The temples were built by the Gurjara kings in the Morena district of Madhya Pradesh between the 8th to 10th centuries. All the temples are mostly small and are spread over 25 acres of land. Temples are dedicated to Shiva, Vishnu, and Shakti – representing the three major traditions within Hinduism.

bateshwar temple gwalior

Bateshwar temples were destroyed after the 13th century, but it is not clear if this was by an earthquake or Muslim forces. Some of them are reconstructed by the Archaeological Survey of India recently in their original form. The good thing is that the forest nearby is full of beautiful birds like peacocks, parakeets, and kingfishers. One can often spot the national bird perching and posing on the rooftop of the temples.

Address– Chambal Valley, Padavali-Banmore, District Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

Bateshwar distance from Morena town – 35 km approximately.
Bateshwar distance from Gwalior city – 40 km approximately.


After visiting and offering prayers in Bateshwar temples we went to the heritage fortress of Padavali situated just 2 km away from the Bateshwar group of temples. The Jat Ranas of Dhaulpur built the Padavali fort in the 18th century. The fort also has a temple that once served as a divine place to worship Lord Shiva.

padavali morena

Through inscription and detailing of the architecture of the Padavali fort temple, it has something to convey about the ancient era. We found the Padavali fort in good condition in the case of cleanliness and structure. But there are no guards and guides available at the site. We also found some locals drinking alcohol inside the fort premises. So I think for now it is not a safe place to visit alone.

Address – Chambal Valley, Gadi-Padavali, Banmore, District Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

Padavali distance from Morena town – 37 km approximately.
Padavali distance from Gwalior city – 42 km approximately.


A few kilometers from Padavali there lies the historical Chausath Yogini Temple of Mitawali (Mitaoli), Morena, Madhya Pradesh. The temple is also known as Ekattarso Mahadeva Temple. It is believed that the temple was built by the Kachchhapaghata king Devapala in the 11th century. The temple looks like the Parliament House of Delhi as both are circular in style. It is said that this temple was the inspiration behind the Parliament House.

mitaoli temple morena

The temple is standing atop an isolated hill of about a hundred feet high, this circular temple commands a splendid view of the cultivated fields below. It is externally circular in shape with a radius of 170 feet and within its interior part, it has 64 small chambers.


It is said that the temple was the venue of providing education in astrology and mathematics based on the transit of the Sun. The Archaeological Survey of India has declared the temple an ancient and historical monument.

Address – Mitaoli Village, Mitawali, Near Padavali, Morena, Madhya Pradesh.

Mitawali distance from Morena town – 41 km approximately.
Mitawali distance from Gwalior city – 46 km approximately.

My trip to Mitawali, Padavali, and Bateshwar’s group of temples was complete fun and amazing. And I will definitely suggest you visit these historical places as soon as possible if you live nearby. But make sure about the route and the necessary precautions because all these places are far from the town and there are not many hotels and petrol pumps available nearby.

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