Best Luxury 5-Star Hotels In Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

Want to spend some quality time with your love partner and looking for a romantic, luxurious, safe, and secure place to spend a day or a night or just a couple of hours alone with them in Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh?

Or are you looking for a romantic hotel to spend some romantic time with your girlfriend/ boyfriend? Then don’t worry, in this article, I’m going to tell you about some of the best and safe luxury hotels in Gwalior city.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Gwalior City Madhya Pradesh

Previously I told you about the Best Places For Birthday Party Celebrations in Gwalior and today I am going to tell you about the best romantic luxury hotels in Gwalior city for couples to spend some beautiful time with each other.

Also if you are looking for hotels to stay with family and friends then you can definitely go with any of the below-mentioned hotels.

1. Radisson Hotel

Radisson Gwalior is a 5-star hotel located in Tulsi Vihar Colony Gwalior. Radisson Gwalior is the most luxurious and romantic place for couples in Gwalior city. The hotel hosts one of the best cafe restaurants in Gwalior for couples.

Radisson Gwalior is a safe family-friendly hotel in Gwalior. Couples can check in using a valid ID proof. It takes 10 minutes from the Gwalior railway station to reach the Radisson hotel.

Price Range: Rs. 4000 to Rs. 12000/-

raddison hotel gwalior

2. Taj Usha Kiran Palace Hotel

Taj Usha Kiran Palace is a royal heritage hotel situated in Jayendraganj, Lashkar, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. This beautiful 5-star palace hotel is a wonderfully peaceful oasis in the center of Gwalior city.

Taj Usha Kiran Palace Hotel is a safe place for couples to spend some quality time together. It is one of the most romantic places in Gwalior city.

Price Range: Rs. 6000 to Rs. 22000/-

taj usha kiran palace hotel gwalior

3. Clarks Inn Suites, Gwalior

Clarks Inn Suites is a 4-star hotel in Gwalior city that provides you the 5-star amenities and services. It is situated just next to Deendayal Mall near Phoolbagh, Gwalior. Couples can enjoy some of the most romantic and lavish moments of their life in Clarks Inn Suites.

The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool, spa, sauna, and fitness center. What people love the most about this property are its great location and classy ambiance.

Price Range: Rs. 3000 to Rs. 9000/-

clarks inn suites gwalior

4. Deo Bagh, Gwalior

Deo Bagh is a heritage 17th-18th century hotel in Gwalior city with Maratha temples. The hotel has 15 rooms spread across 5 wings, facing a Nau Bagh, a garden chequered into nine parts. It is said to be the only garden hotel in Gwalior by the owner.

Deo Bagh is a beautiful, romantic, and safe place for couples to stay and have some quality time together. It is situated near Janaktal on the Agra-Mumbai highway, Bahodapur, Gwalior. Deo Bagh is one of the best heritage hotels in Madhya Pradesh.

Price Range: Rs. 6000 to Rs. 14000/-

deo bagh hotel gwalior

5. The Central Park, Gwalior

The Central Park Hotel is one of the prominent luxurious hotels in Gwalior city Madhya Pradesh. Situated in the city center of Gwalior, The Central Park is a 4-star hotel, welcoming couples to enjoy the best moments of life.

So if you are looking for a luxury stay with your loved one in Gwalior city then The Central Park hotel is the best choice you can make.

Price Range: Rs. 4000 to Rs. 13000/-

raddison gwalior

That’s it friends. These above-mentioned hotels are the best luxurious, beautiful, and safe hotels for couples in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh. And yes I know the prices of these hotels are a bit high but after all these, all are super luxurious hotels man.

But no worry in my next post I am going to tell you about the best reasonable and safe hotels for couples to stay in Gwalior city.

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