Santorini, Greece - The Most Romantic Place In The World

Over the last few years, Santorini has managed to make its presence felt in the tourist industry, becoming one of the most famous destinations worldwide.

The main reasons why it’s popular, are its unique sunsets over the caldera and the scenic streets full of white-washed houses.

During the Neolithic era, the island was called Strongoli (meaning “of round shape”). Years later, the island’s name was changed to the Kalliste (meaning “the most beautiful one”).

After the Greek independence, it was referred to as Thira after its capital city. “Thira” remains the official name of the island.

According to the 2011 census, the population of the island is 15,550. But despite its few residents, over 2 million tourists are estimated to visit Santorini each year.

Another interesting fact about Santorini is that the caldera of Santorini is the only one inhabited caldera in the whole world.

Santorini is thought to be one of the possible locations for Atlantis. The entire island of Santorini is actually a volcanic rock.

In proportion to the size of the island, Santorini is the only place on the whole planet with so many wineries. Actually, there is so little rain on the island during the year, that wine is more abundant than water.

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