Rajgad Fort Pune Maharastra History

Rajgad Fort is a historical hill fort of the Maratha Empire in Pune.

Rajgad Fort was the capital of the Maratha Empire for more than 26 years.

It is also known as Murumdev.

It was the first capital of the Maratha Empire under the rule of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.

Rajgad Fort is the birthplace of the Shivaji's son Rajaram, who also becomes the Chhatrapati.

Rajgad Fort is said to be the toughest & unconquerable forts of the Maratha Empire.

The fort also witness Shivaji's successful return from the captivity of Aurangzeb.

The wife of Shivaji Maharaj, Saibai's sad demise also happenned in the Rajgad Fort.

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