Hidden History of Jaipur City

Jaipur is the only city in India listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Jaipur was one of the earliest planned cities founded in 1727 by the King Jai Singh.

Jaipur is famously known as the Pink City of India, the Paris of India, and the Island of Glory.

Rajput King Jai Singh planned to shift his capital from Amber to Jaipur because of the growing population and increasing scarcity of water.

The city of Jaipur was planned based on the principles of Vastu Shastra and Shilpa Shastra under the guidance of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya.

Before independence, during the British Colonial period, the city of Jaipur was a state.

In 1876, Jaipur was painted pink to welcome King Edward, Price of Wales, British Emperor of India.

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