Cheapest Places For Scuba Diving In India

Want to go scuba diving but don’t know where? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered. These are the cheapest places you could visit for scuba diving.

Malvan: It’s a small town located in the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra with lovely beaches. Cost of diving: ₹500 onwards

Grande Island: Grand Island is an ideal spot for those looking to enjoy scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing in South Goa. Cost of diving: ₹1500 onwards

Aravind’s Wall: It is a fascinating dive site located off Pondicherry city. With a depth of 40 meters/130 feet, it is accessible only to advanced open water divers. Cost of diving: ₹4000 onwards

Kochi: Popularly known as the Queen of Arabian Sea, the city also flaunts one of the finest natural harbours of the world. Cost of diving: ₹4000 onwards

These are the 4 cheapest places in India for scuba diving. Share this story with your friends and ask them go for scuba diving.