History of Changni Chowk Market In Delhi

Chandni Chowk was established in the 17th Century by Shah Jahan’s daughter Jahanara Begum when the Mughal ruler shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi.

Chandni Chowk is possibly those few historic places that continue to be untouched by time.

The water in the pool at the center of the market reflected the moonlight and glowed the entire surrounding. That’s how Chandni Chowk got its name.

There has never been any major construction in Chandni Chowk since its establishment.

Originally containing 1,560 shops, the bazaar was 40 yards wide by 1,520 yards long.

Shops were originally built in a half-moon shaped pattern, now lost.

The bazaar was famous for its silver merchants, which also have contributed to the name of "Silver Street".

As silver is referred to as Chandi in Hindi, a slight variation of which forms Chandni.

Chandni Chowk was once the grandest Indian market. Mughal imperial processions passed through Chandni Chowk.