Amazing History Of The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

The Leaning tower of Pisa was actually the result of a human mistake.

Just one little miscalculation made in the 11th century left us with an amazing 14,500 ton leaning tower!

Why is the tower leaning then? What the architect didn’t account for was the base of the tower, which was built on a dense section of clay…

The construction of the Tower began in 1173. Originally designed to be a bell tower, it stood upright for over 5 years, but when the third floorwas completed in 1178 it began to lean.

Italians were shocked by the event, as the tower began to lean ever so slightly. The thing is the foundation of the tower, which is only 3-meter deep, was built on a dense clay mixture.

This mix impacted the soil and furthermore the clay was not  strong enough to hold the tower upright.

As a result the weight of the tower began to diffuse downward until it had found the weakest point.

Due to this problem, construction works stopped for 100 years.

After 100 years, engineer Giovanni di Simone stepped forward and started to add more floors to the tower.

He tried to compensate for the original lean by making one side of the upper floors taller than the other.

This only caused the tower to lean over even more…

But it is still standing!