Things To Know About Dubai's Most Iconic Luxury Hotel

The Atlantis, the Palm was the first hotel resort to open on the world’s largest manmade island, Palm Jumeirah, in 2008.

It is the largest hotel on Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. The resort’s footprint is the size of 64 Wembley football pitches and home to a total of 1,544 guest rooms.

As well as the guest rooms, Atlantis, The Palm is home to three signature suites, The Grand Atlantis Suite, The Underwater Suite and The Presidential Suite.

It has an undeniable underwater theme and is surrounded by beaches, pools, as well as a world-class marine life centre, aquarium and waterpark.

The hotel has two underwater suites, named after the legends of Poseidon and Neptune.

Atlantis, the Palm is surrounded by an enormous 17-hectre water-themed amusement park, Aquaventure.

Ossiano, Atlantis, the Palm’s famous underwater restaurant, sees more marriage proposals than any other location in the resort every year.

A team of more than 400 chefs work to serve in excess of 15,000 meals per day throughout the resort.

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