10 Best Tea/ Coffee Places in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Tea is officially the national drink of India and it is one of the boy’s favorite drinks but most girls prefer coffee over tea (chai). In this article, I am going to tell you about the 10 top cafes/ restaurants in Gwalior city Madhya Pradesh to have tea or coffee with your friends or family. There are many famous and popular tea/ coffee spots in Gwalior city and here I have chosen the best of them for you.

Earlier I told you about the Best Tea Places Near The MITS College, Gwalior and in this post, I am going to tell you about the best tea/ coffee places in Gwalior city. Here is a list of 10 top-class tea and coffee places in Gwalior city best for a couple-friendly date.

Top 10 Tea & Coffee Cafes In Gwalior Madhya Pradesh

The following are the best tea and coffee cafes in Gwalior city –

1. Tealogy

Tealogy is one of the fasted growing cafe chains in India that focuses on tea-based beverages. Tealogy has many outlets in Gwalior city and they offer varieties of teas/ coffees to customers. If you want to have the best tea in Gwalior city with your friend circle then Tealogy is the best place for you. Also, if you are looking for an affordable place for your first tinder date then Tealogy has got your back.

Tealogy outlets in Gwalior – Tealogy Govindpuri, Tealogy DD Nagar, Tealogy Gole Ka Mandir, Tealogy Phoolbagh, Tealogy Kampoo, Tealogy Thatipur, etc.

tealogy gwalior mp

2. Cafe Coffee Day

Cafe Coffee Day, famously known as CCD is one of the most popular coffee cafe chains in India. CCD is very famous among young couples and it is one of the romantic coffee date spots for couples in India. Cafe coffee day offers coffee and related beverages to its customers. So if you wish to have a great coffee in Gwalior city then CCD is the place you are looking for.

Cafe Coffee Day outlets in Gwalior – CCD Phoolbagh, CCD DD City Mall, CCD Silver Estate/ Balwant Nagar, CCD City Centre/ Athena Building, etc.

cafe coffee day gwalior

3. Chai Da ठेका

Chai Da Theka is one of the popular places for having tea with the friend circle. They also offer some tea-related snacks to the customers. It is an affordable place best for your daily tea with friends.

Address – Yadav Market, Sachin Tendulkar Road, Near Jiwaji University, City Center, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

chai da thekaa gwalior

4. The London Shakes 1950

The London Shakes 1950 is an awesome place in Gwalior city for having cold coffee and various types of shakes. The cafe also offers fast foods like Pizza, Pasta, Maggi, Nachos, etc. So if you love cold coffee or want to have the best shake in the city then The London Shakes 1950 cafe is the best place for you.

The London Shakes 1950 outlets in Gwalior – The London Shakes 1950 – Central Park Hotel City Centre, The London Shakes 1950 – Near Millinium Plaza Govindpuri.

london shakes gwalior

5. Shake It Baby

Shake It Baby is a popular cold coffee and milkshake providing cafe chain in Gwalior city. They self claim to have the best milkshake in town. They also offer fast food to their customers and have a large variety of cold coffees and milkshakes.

Shake It Baby outlets in Gwalior – Shake It Baby – Govindpuri/City Centre, Shake It Baby – Phoolbagh, Shake It Baby – DD Nagar, etc.

shake it baby gwalior

6. Barista

It is said that no one has mastered coffee better than the Italians. Barista is an Italian cafe restaurant in Gwalior city and it is one of my personal favorite cafes for having tea, hot coffee, or cold coffee in Gwalior with my girlfriend. The place has a great ambiance with mouth-watering food items like Pizza, Pasta, Maggi, Sandwiches, and Garlic Bread.

Address – Neo Meridian, Opposite Gulmohar City, Behind New Collectorate, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

barista gwalior

7. Chai Sutta Bar

Chai Sutta Bar is a popular cafe in Gwalior city to have tea with cigarettes (sutta). Chai Sutta Bar focuses on tea-based beverages and it is very popular among youngsters as the cafe allows them to smoke within the premises. Chai Sutta Bar has two outlets in Gwalior city and they offer varieties of teas/ coffees to customers.

Chai Sutta Bar outlets in Gwalior – Chai Sutta Bar – City Centre, Chai Sutta Bar – Phoolbagh Lashkar.

chai sutta bar gwalior

8. The Tea Time

Tea Time is a great choice for having tea or coffee in Gwalior city. They also offer some snacks and fast foods to the customers. It is an affordable place and one of the popular tea spots in Gwalior. Tea Time has two outlets in Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh.

The Tea Time outlets in Gwalior – The Tea Time – City Centre, The Tea Time – Dal Bazaar Lashkar.


9. Indian Coffee House

Indian Coffee House is a famous South Indian restaurant in Gwalior city. But their tea and coffee are very popular among the Gwaliorites. It is one of the oldest coffee cafes in Gwalior city.

Address – Railway Station Road, Infront of NCC Officers Training Academy, Near DB City Mall, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

indian coffee house gwalior

10. Teagather Lounge

Previously known as Cafe Teagather, Teagather Lounge is a modern-style cafe in Gwalior city best known for its tea, coffee, and fast foods. This place is quite popular among love couples to spend some time together over a cup of tea.

Address – LN Estate, Chetakpuri, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh.

teagather lounge gwalior

The above are the best tea/ coffee spots in Gwalior city, Madhya Pradesh. If you have any queries related to the above post then feel free to ask us in the comment section below.

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