Things You Can Try In Thailand And Dubai With Your Loved Ones

If you are looking to visit Thailand or Dubai anytime soon with your family and loved ones, then here is an article about the best things one can try in Thailand and Dubai. This article is a complete package of things to do in Thailand and Dubai with your loved ones.

Best Things To Do In Thailand With Your Loved Ones

Thailand is the most well-liked tourism destination in South East Asia, which makes sense. Being bored is not an option in this country, which is best known for its spectacular beaches, gorgeous temples, and Bangkok’s sprawling contemporary metropolis.

From the moment you get off the plane until you depart, you will be accompanied by some of the nicest, most authentic, and most genuine people you could ever expect to meet. It makes sense why people frequently refer to Thailand as the “Land of Smiles.”

1. Rock Climbing In Railay Beach

One of the most popular locations in Thailand is Railay Beach, and it’s not just for the gorgeous beaches, towering limestone cliffs, and turquoise waters—you’ll also love it for the climbing! All levels of climbers can choose from hundreds of routes. You may try climbing with King Climbers and Hot Rocks Climbing School; both were excellent.

rock climbing thailand

2. Visit The Golden Triangle

The Golden Triangle, which straddles the borders of northern Thailand, Myanmar, and Laos, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. What was known for its opium trafficking is now home to hill tribes, beautiful tea terraces, and temples. This is the best place in Thailand to travel off the beaten path!

3. Get Soaked At Songkran Festival

If you find yourself on Thailand tour packages during the Songkran festival, you really must get out and experience it because it only occurs once a year. It’s the biggest water fight ever held to celebrate the Thai New Year. The Songkran Festival, which marks the beginning of the Thai New Year, typically takes place at the beginning of April.

4. Visit An Elephant Sanctuary

Visiting an elephant sanctuary where ex-logging and working elephants are housed instead of going on an elephant ride is considered to be one of the popular things to do in Thailand. The sanctuaries that are starting to build are beginning to provide elephants in Thailand with a safe refuge to live out the rest of their lives.

thailand elephant

5. Tour The Chao Phraya River

As you travel the water highway of Bangkok to visit its major landmarks, Wat Arun rises proudly over all other temples. Along the Chao Phraya river are many of Bangkok’s top tourist destinations. For about 20 baht for the tourist boat or 8 baht for the local boat, you can ride a water taxi.

6. Sea Kayak In Krabi

One of the most popular activities in Thailand is sea kayaking through the Andaman Sea’s karst islands. Paddle through caverns with John Gray Sea Canoe to beautiful lagoons in the heart of islands encircled by sea cliffs. Make sure you reserve a stay on one of the nearby deserted islands.

While sea kayaking is quite common in Krabi, exploring the mangrove jungle inland is equally as memorable. Mangrove swamps and ancient caves with hieroglyphics are among the sights you’ll see. An encounter you won’t soon forget.

Best Things To Do In Dubai With Your Loved Ones

Thanks to its unmatched outdoor activities, wonderful tourist sites, iconic skyscrapers, top-notch entertainment, family-friendly amusement parks, and exclusive adventures like dining in the skies.

Dubai has made a name for itself as a world innovator, tech, and travel leader. But in addition to its modern flair, the City of Gold is also incredibly vibrant in its history and culture.

1. Take a tour of the Dubai Expo

The World Expo in Dubai 2020 is the first World Expo to ever be held in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. It is also the largest future event in the Arab world. 192 nations are taking part in this amazing show, which attracts millions of visitors worldwide. This six-month celebration of culture, teamwork, and innovation will take place. If you are not already anticipating this huge spectacular, let us fill you in.

dubai expo

2. Visit the Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary is a wetland reserve that is home to around 500 flamingos as well as many other species of birds and fish. It is a protected area with lots of crustaceans, migratory birds, fish, and mammals, making it ideal for tourists, conservationists, filmmakers, and horticulturists. Three birding hides in this delicate and large habitat let visitors explore and participate in bird watching.

3. Explore the Dubai Butterfly Garden

The largest butterfly garden in the world, the Dubai Butterfly Garden is located at the Dubai Miracle Garden and is home to 15,000 butterflies of 50 different species, each with unique colors, characteristics, and shapes.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden offers a fantastic opportunity for visitors to learn more about the progression of butterflies through each stage with its Educational Center, butterfly Museum, and Cinema, making it an excellent destination for families.

4. Explore the artifacts at the Dubai Museum

This spectacular museum of Dubai, which is located in the Al-Fahidi Fort, was constructed in 1787 and is the oldest structure in the Emirate. This stunning architecture, which the ruler of Dubai restored in 1971 and subsequently underwent a thorough renovation in 1995, now holds the city’s history and numerous significant historical events.

While showcasing the traditional way of life in the Emirate of Dubai is the museum’s primary objective, it also features intriguing historic maps of the Emirates and Dubai that demonstrate the region’s enormous post-oil boom expansion.

5. Bollywood Parks

It’s an opportunity to travel to Bollywood Parks Dubai if you love Bollywood films and are looking for a cinematic vacation from everyday life. It boasts of being the one and only event of its type in the entire world, honoring Mumbai’s illustrious film industry.

With Bollywood Parks Tickets, you can explore the five distinct zones which are filled with everything such as comedy, adventure, romance, action, music, dance, Indian handicrafts, and Indian food.

6. Bungee Jumping

When in Dubai, bungee jumping is a must-try activity in a city with many skyscrapers. The first permanent bungee company in Dubai is called Gravity Zone, and they can take you up to 50 meters above the ground before you fall free! As you free fall toward the Burj Khalifa and the stunning Dubai waterfront, enjoy the wonderful perspective of the Dubai metropolis.

Professionals watch out for everyone’s safety as you jump off the tall crane while wearing bungee cords tied to your body. You can jump alone or in a group of two with your friends and family to increase the excitement of this exhilarating pastime!

bungee jumping dubai

The above-mentioned are the best things to do in Thailand & Dubai with your loved ones. Do not forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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