A Trip to Orchha Fort (Jahangir Mahal) – History, Timings & Travel Guide

Orchha Fort is a 16th-century historical fort situated in the Orchha town of Madhya Pradesh near Jhansi city. It is built by the Bundela Rajput King Rudra Pratap Singh. Orchha Fort Complex houses a large number of ancient monuments consisting of the Raja Mahal or Raja Mandir, Sheesh Mahal, Jahangir Mahal, a temple, gardens, and pavilions.

Jahangir Mahal is the most popular monument inside the fort premises along with the Raja Mahal. Hundreds of people visit the Orchha fort complex every day. It is situated just opposite the famous temple of Orchha- Shri Ram Raja Mandir.

In this article, you will get to know about the complete history of Orchha fort & Jahangir Mahal, Orchha fort timings & best time to visit, and a travel guide on how to reach the Orchha fort.

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Orchha Fort & Jahangir Mahal History

In the 16th century, Rudra Pratap Singh built a fort in Orchha on the banks of the Betwa river. Rudra Pratap Singh was the Bundela Rajput king and Orchha was the royal state during that time. Later the successors of Rudra Pratap Singh built multiple palaces and temples on the fort premises.

The Raja Mandir or Raja Mahal was built by Madhukar Shah and the Jahangir Mahal and Sawan Bhadon Mahal were built during the reign of Vir Singh Deo. Vir Singh Deo was also considered to build the famous fort of Jhansi.

Of all the monuments situated inside the Orchha fort complex, the Jahangir Mahal is the most popular among tourists because it has a connection to the Mughal emperor Jahangir. Jahangir Palace was exclusively built to humor the Mughal emperor Jahangir who was a guest of the Vir Singh Deo for one night only.

The Jahangir Mahal was built on four levels with architectural features of both Muslim and Rajput architecture. It provides magnificent views of the beautiful Orchha town, temples, and the Betwa river outside the fort complex. The majestic fort of Orchha speaks volumes of the glorious Bundela Rajputs and their stories of valor.

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How to Reach Orchha Fort Complex in Orchha Madhya Pradesh

Now I am going to provide you with a complete & detailed travel guide on how to reach the Orchha fort complex in Orchha town of Madhya Pradesh near Jhansi city.

Reaching Orchha Fort By Air –

Gwalior Airport is the nearest airport to Orchha which is located around 130 kilometers from the Orchha fort complex. The nearest international airport to Orchha is Delhi airport which is located around 480 kilometers from Orchha fort.

Reaching Orchha Fort By Rail –

Jhansi railway station is the nearest major railway junction to Orchha, which is 18 kilometers away from the Orchha fort complex. Jhansi railway station has great connectivity to the rest of India and it is easily accessible from Orchha fort.

Reaching Orchha Fort By Road –

Orchha is well-connected by road to places like Jhansi, Gwalior, and Khajuraho. As Jhansi is the nearest major city to Orchha. From Jhansi, there are two ways to reach the Orchha fort. One is going through the city of Jhansi and the other one is via the Jhansi-Kanpur highway route (outskirts of Jhansi).

For more information on how to reach Orchha from Gwalior, Jhansi, Delhi, and other major cities read this complete travel guide- how to reach Orchha in Madhya Pradesh.

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Orchha Fort Timings, Ticket Price & Best Time to Visit

Orchha fort timing: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM (Monday to Saturday)
Orchha fort Sunday timing: Open 24 hours
On which day Orchha fort is closed: Opens every day (7 days a week)

Ticket Price/ Entry Fee:

Indian Tourists: INR 10-20/- (per person)
Foreign Tourists: INR 250-400/- (per person)

Best Time to Visit Orchha Fort: The Winter season is the best time to visit Orchha. However, one can also visit Orchha during the monsoons as the rains are mostly average here.

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