Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Desert Adventure

The Dubai landscape is defined by the red sandy deserts of Arabia, unlike the UAE contour. Deserts add beauty to Dubai’s structure in a beautiful way. Dubai is known as the paradise of adventure. Dubai is a city that provides its visitors with modern highlights and authentic heritage.

You can enjoy yourself on serene beaches and visit grand luxurious malls in Dubai city. One can enjoy the splendor of life while visiting Dubai. Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai gives you offers related to desert safari.

The main highlight of Dubai tourism is its desert safari. It is a must-see place to go where you can experience the core essence of the place. The rich culture and an abundance of thrilling adventure activities throughout the day make for an unforgettable experience. The desert safari makes a promising vibrant and exotic nightlife of Dubai.

If you are not opting for camping you can stay in hotels near safari deserts in Dubai for your comfort and luxury. Dubai is an ideal place to enjoy high-quality food. You can taste exotic cuisine and Bedouin culture which was an important part of Arabian culture.

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Top Dubai Desert Experiences

If you are planning for an ultimate overnight desert experience here are some desert safari adventure experiences in Dubai.

1. Camel Ride

The bumpy camel ride provides an adventurous desert experience of Dubai. The ride is usually 45 minutes at the back of the camel and gives you an experience of desert wildlife. You can also enjoy the sunset in the desert which is a beautiful view of nature while riding in the desert. Among desert safari evening camel rides should be chosen as it rides you to the massive sand dunes and provides a mesmerizing view of sunset and falcon displays.

The golden color of sunset and sand creates the best background for pictures for tourists. There are several stops during rides for taking pictures. After a day-long adventure, tourists can spend the night in the desert with barbeque, shisha, and tanoura dance performances. You can enjoy a camel ride by booking the ride with Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai.

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2. Dune Bashing

Dune bashing in Dubai is driving a special type of car in the Dubai desert. Driving a car with increasing and decreasing speed over sand dunes gives an exciting adventure experience. Driving over dunes needs a special skill and a special type of car to navigate on terrain usually a sport utility vehicle is used. You can enjoy dune bashing by booking your ride with Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai.

Dune bashing is a must activity to do when enjoying the Arabian desert. The journey provides an adventurous 30-minute jeep ride across the desert at varying speeds over massive dunes. You can add more experience to your package with Arabian hospitality with desert camping and barbeque dinner to feel a deeper glimpse of Bedouin traditions.

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3. Quad Biking

The rush of adrenaline from a Dubai Sand Safari and quad biking in the Arabian Desert is simply unparalleled. Riding a four-wheeled motorcycle across the difficult terrains of gigantic dunes, low plateaus, and big open canyons will present you with a massive, larger-than-life view of the desert.

For your desert expenditure, tourists are provided with professional guides who arrange all safety points and give instructions for a safe journey. The golden hue of the desert is a perfect place to click lifetime memorable photos. The unparalleled beauty of the desert tour gives you a chance to enjoy the most adventurous terrain of Dubai Desert Safari.

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Dubai attracts tourists from all around the world for its glitz and glamour. The best time to visit Dubai is from November to April in the winter months. The temperature is between 17 to 30 degrees which provides a relief to tourists from the scratching heat of the desert. Dhow Cruise Creek Dubai provides desert safari offers to enjoy desert adventures.

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